Wednesday, August 16, 2017 8:41 PM (about 2 years ago)

Ralative clauses

  • that-relative clause

  • normal relative clause

    • which,who,whom,whose,when,where
  • truncated relative clause

    e.g.. the game played last night

  • free relative clause

    e.g.. What I ate was good.

  • reduced relative clause

    e.g.. The music I like is Mozart.


  • Predicative adjective
  • Attributive adjective


  • /ɔ:g'zɪləris/

  • Modal auxiliaries

    e.g.. can, may,could,should,would,ought,shall,might

  • Pure auxiliaries

    e.g.. do, have,be

  • Auxiliary verbs are necessary for subject-verb inversion.

About Clause

  • Relative clause
  • Attribute clause

Verb Grammar

  • Tense:past,present
  • Aspect:simple,perfect,progressive
  • Voice:active,passive
  • Mood:indicative,subjunctive,imperative

try some example

e.g.. We have liked grammar. present,perfect,active,indicative

e.g.. If I were a rich man. subjective

e.g.. Video games had been played. past,perfect,passive

Carry on , and move on.