Friday, August 11, 2017 10:27 AM (about 2 years ago)

This is my first day in Zhejiang University which has been my dream university for many years.The environment here is all new , amazing to me, from the delicious food, to beautiful  buildings.After taking a rour around the school , I think I could get a excellent education here.

I'm from Yiwu,a small but modern city in Zhejiang Province. However ,although my hometown is there, I was born in Kunming,Yunnan which enjoys a reputation of "Spring City".After living there for almost ten years or more, I'm taken back to Yiwu by my parents, since they thought the educationb here is better than Kunming.In fact, it's true. Students here study harder,and the teaching methord and the educational equipments are more modern.

During my high school, luckily, I learnt coding though NOIP(National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces). With my teacher's help and my hard working, I gained a skill in C++,algorithm and data struct.All these are interesting for me,and I experienced the desire for knowledge the first time . Meanwhile, I also made an anbition to become a full-stack engineer.

However, the road is not always smooth for me, I failed the first time I took part in the competition just for compile error. How sad I was,and I even didn't know what hard-workn will bring back to me. I lost my heart and went though a really hard time. After what seemed a long time ,my teacher pointed outr that the failure is equal to everyone ,and who don't give up when facing failure,who will win at last.

And now, about two years later,I become more determined in what I chose to be my career.Thanks for all the opportunities given to me, I think I will achieve my dream one day.