Friday, August 11, 2017 6:05 PM (about 2 years ago)


The first day is not as easy as what I thought before, and I now want to take a review of it.

Parts of speech

  • Verb v.
  • Noun n.
  • Preposition /,prɛpə'zɪʃən/ prep. e.g. in,out
  • Determiner D. e.g. the
  • Interjection I. e.g. wow
  • Adjective /ædʒɪktɪv/ adj.
  • Adverb adv.
  • Coordinate Conjunction e.g. and
  • Subordinate Conjunction e.g. when
  • Particle Pa.


  • Prepositional Phrases /'frezɪz/
  • Noun Phrases
  • Verb Phrases

Form of Verb

  • Finite /'faɪnaɪt/
  • Past participle /'pɑrtə'sɪpl/
  • Present participle
  • Infinitive /ɪn'fɪnətɪv/